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KITCHEN STUDIO was established with the intention of bringing high quality original interior design to residential and commercial marketplaces. Modular kitchen means that everything is produced in the factory in different modules and would only come to your home for final assembly, which takes just couple of days and thus it is more convenient time-saving. They are eye-catching in designing too.

We do not believe that a stylish/Modern kitchen can only be achieved by expensive appliance and fittings we persuade our clients to apply more on basic essentials and less on decorative things that can be changed over time.We work together with our clients and design their interiors according enhance our clients business working in close collaboration with their clients,the long term corporate goals of each individual to their lifestyle and budget.

We believe there is lot more to a kitchen than cooking.It is  a place where family comes together and spends quality time together cooking,eating,sharing,bonding.... we aim at creating kitchens that can be "heart of an indian home a place where you spend most of your time when you are home.We look forward to helping you get ahead.

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